Quartz Crushers In South Africa

Quartz Crushers In South Africa

Quartz Crushers In South Africa

Analysis of the characteristics of Quartz Crusher

We know that different manufacturers have certain differences in the production of equipment, the technology involved or the structure of the equipment. These differences will make their performance different. We will introduce it here. What are the characteristics of the Quartz Crusher produced by Shibang.

First, Shibang's Quartz Crusher adopts a bowl-shaped bearing with high precision and a concentrated thin oil lubrication system, and its structure is relatively compact. The production efficiency is high. When the equipment needs to adjust the size of the discharge opening in the production, the hydraulic station can be started to adjust by pushing the cylinder, and when it is working, if the unbreakable material enters the crushing chamber, The safety device of the device can discharge foreign matter without affecting the production, and protect the device from damage;

Second, the Quartz Crusher produced by Shibang adopts the grease sealing method to avoid the mixing phenomenon of water and oil caused by improper operation. If the wear of the seal occurs when the machine is working, then Under the action of the internal spring, automatic compensation can be realized, and the seal is still attached to continue the sealing function, but when the seal of the machine wears about 1/4-1/3 of the original thickness, it needs to be It is exchanged, otherwise it will cause the equipment to be tightly sealed;

Three, when the Quartz Crusher produced by Shibang is working, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve through the elastic coupling, the transmission shaft and a pair of bevel gears. The broken cone axis is under the eccentric sleeve. Doing the swinging motion, so that the broken wall is close to and away from the rolling wall, so that the material is continuously crushed and bent inside the equipment and broken;

The above mainly introduces the characteristics of the Quartz Crusher, mainly in three aspects. These aspects mainly include the working principle of the structural structure of the equipment. In addition, our Quartz Crusher has more models. This can better meet the needs of market production. The machine can be divided into standard, medium and short head according to the cavity type. Different devices have different performances, and customers can choose according to their own needs.

Although Quartz Crushers have many excellent performances, they are constantly evolving and need to be continuously improved. These improvements include not only technical aspects but also structural aspects. The purpose of improvement is to better meet the needs. Changed market demand for better development.

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