Portable Rock Crushers For Rent

Portable Rock Crushers For Rent

Portable Rock Crushers For Rent

Why crawler Portable Rock Crusher is so popular?

In recent years, Portable Rock Crusher has become a hot new player in the mining industry, widely welcomed by customers. Portable Rock Crusher is a set of transportation, crushing, screening materials as one of the equipment, can be freely opened into the operation site. The crawler Portable Rock Crusher adopts self-driving mode, which has the advantages of flexibility, convenience and mobility. What are the advantages of crawler Portable Rock Crusher?

The crawler Portable Rock Crusher consists of crawler chassis, frame assembly, main engine and auxiliary equipment, power system and hydraulic electric control system. When moving, power is provided by power system, and driven by hydraulic electric control system; when working, power system drives and controls the main engine and auxiliary equipment by hydraulic electric control system. Material is broken or screened from silo into the main engine mounted on the track chassis and frame, and then through integrated skin. Take the machine out.

1, the equipment is stable and efficient. The use of a higher strength of the integral rack, uniform quality distribution, compact and reasonable layout of equipment, with full hydraulic system control, the use of equipment is more flexible and controllable; Shibang advanced host equipment, higher production efficiency.

2, hydraulic control, stable energy saving. Hydraulic drive is used to control the track running, equipment installation and production operation. The transmission is more stable and can realize stepless speed change, more flexible and better regulation; load-sensitive control system is configured to realize the distribution of system flow output on demand, and multiple protection devices are set up to control more intelligently and reduce energy consumption.

3. Strong power and strong climbing ability. Equipped with turbocharged high-performance diesel engine, the root equipment has strong power; benefiting from heavy-duty crawler chassis, Portable Rock Crusher has good grounding performance, with high-quality driving components and strong driving force, basically meet the requirements of climbing under harsh conditions.

4, flexible configuration, flexible and flexible. The equipment can be operated independently or flexibly combined with other fixed or mobile devices. At the same time, the compact structure of the Portable Rock Crusher has good adaptability to narrow sites, and can adjust the working position at any time according to requirements.

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