Gypsum Manufacturing Machine

Gypsum Manufacturing Machine

Gypsum Manufacturing Machine

Gypsum Manufacturing Machine realizes grinding, grading and conveying integration

The Gypsum Manufacturing Machine is a new ultra-fine grinding equipment developed by Shanghai Shibang to absorb Taiwan's first grinding roller technology and German new powder selection technology, combined with the development experience of Shibang for nearly 30 years. It is a superfine powder machine that integrates grinding, grading and conveying. It can meet the customer's requirements for fineness and output at one time. Once it was published, it was snapped up.

The Gypsum Manufacturing Machine can be ground with non-metallic minerals such as calcite, marble, limestone, heavy calcium, talc, barite, kaolin, dolomite and heavy calcium. It is often used for grinding and grading of various non-metallic minerals. In the large-scale ultra-fine powder processing technology for the grinding of limestone powder for desulfurization of power plant steel mills, the deep processing of slag micropowder and the preparation of blast furnace pulverized coal, it is a large-scale non-metallic mineral milling scale construction plant selection equipment.

The Gypsum Manufacturing Machine is mainly composed of an electric motor, a reducer, a grinding roller device, a grinding disc device, a pressurizing device, a classifier, a body and a petrol station. Adopting the design concept of "1+1>2", it can achieve a very high standard of finished product size, D97 can be discharged at one time, 800-2000 mesh can be selected once, and the finished product size is less than 2μ %. Moreover, its production capacity is also unexpected, with an average production of 5-18 tons, equivalent to 4-5 ordinary micro-grinding.

With so many Gypsum Manufacturing Machine products on the market, what are the special advantages of Shibang's Gypsum Manufacturing Machine, which can attract so many customers?

Firstly, the principle of material layer grinding and multi-wheel selection is adopted, and each rotor can be frequency-adjusted and regulated. The fineness of the finished product can be realized without a primary air classification in the selected range, and it can save more than the ordinary mill. Energy consumption. Secondly, the machine is comparable in automation, and it can easily monitor the mill production by using various intelligent operating systems, such as mechanical limit devices and electronic limit devices, grinding roller pressure control methods, and single lubrication station devices. Live, safe and reliable. Moreover, the Gypsum Manufacturing Machine pays special attention to energy saving and environmental protection. Wear-resistant parts are made of high-quality materials to save metal consumption; work under negative pressure, no dust spill, low vibration, low noise, and meet environmental protection requirements.

The Gypsum Manufacturing Machine is a new type of professional equipment for the ultra-fine milling industry. It has outstanding advantages in technical application, finished product quality, production efficiency, production cost, energy saving and environmental protection. It is your excellent choice.

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