Granite Mining

Granite Mining

Granite Mining

Working principle and characteristics of Granite Mining Machine

Granite Mining Machines are mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical and mineral industries. It is also suitable for feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, marble, rare earth, slag, clay, bentonite, gypsum and graphite. The large feed size should be less than 30mm, the finished product size is between 0.074-0.038 mm, and the production capacity is 1.8?6.5T/H.

Granite Mining Machine working principle

In the early stage of the Granite Mining Machine, the material enters the elevator hopper; through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, the material is taken into the host uniformly and quantitatively; the ground material is blown by the fan airflow in the classifier and performs classification work; The required materials fall into the main machine and are ground again; the materials meeting the dimensional requirements enter the cyclone dust collector, and the materials are separated and collected; the finished powder is discharged from the discharge device. The whole system has a vacuum closed loop to ensure clean and environmentally friendly production sites.

Granite Mining Machine features

  • The use of a bypass dust collector with a dust-proof isolation chamber effectively solves the problem of dust escape. Compared to conventional powder collectors, their collection efficiency is high and can be collected, and the general powder collector is different to collect particles.
  • There is a complete soft connection between the body and the base without rigid contact.
  • The classifier adopts frequency conversion speed regulation. It is more energy efficient than electromagnetic governors and is more automated.
  • The high-density selection of powdered leaves improves the fineness and yield of the selected powder and contributes to the quality of the finished product.
  • Both the main unit and the reducer use a pin coupling and an elastic sleeve to improve the reliability of the equipment.
  • The reducer and the motor transmit power through a V-belt and facilitate the overload protection.
  • The machine is made of ductile iron and has high strength and vibration crack resistance. It has good endurance.

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