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Tsw Series Vibrating Feeder Industry Transformation Should Begin With Improving Labor Productivity

In the TSW Series Vibrating Feeder industry in general, innovation-driven contribution to economic growth isn't enough, pure technical efficiency rate of growth continues to be negative. Because the worldwide economic crisis, China's total factor productivity has switched negative, using the average of three.3% from 2001 to 2007 becoming -.9% from 2007 to 2012, which means that innovation and technological progress possess a negative effect on China's economic growth Contributions to lessen the economical growth is principally determined by the development from the scale and investment-driven, but declining returns to capital to ensure that low-quality, low efficiency growth model progressively in to the bottleneck, unsustainable.

Meanwhile, the rapid increase from the comprehensive costs for example labor and resource prices and ecological protection costs has additionally brought to a rise in production costs along with a squeezing of income, which eventually brought to home loan business the worth-added rate from the TSW Series Vibrating Feeder industry along with a slowdown within the development of labor productivity .

Improving labor productivity may be the primary support for China's economic growth. For this finish, we have to first improve labor productivity being an important indicator to steer the TSW Series Vibrating Feeder industry's transformation and upgrading. While industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading of TSW Series Vibrating Feeders, it's important to focus on the main indicator at work productivity within the economic transformation and upgrading monitoring indicator system. Emphasis should also be laid within the "13th Five-Year Plan" and related development plans. By enhancing labor productivity The aim-oriented lead the long run TSW Series Vibrating Feeder industry development strategy and path, altering the prior pure quest for economic growth mode of total growth, no more go ahead and take old road to factor investment and scale expansion.

Second, independent innovation and brand building ought to be include a more prominent position. By attaching importance towards the leading role of innovation in economic growth, speeding up the interest rate of technology, management and system innovation, further promoting "double creation", continuously improving independent innovation capacity and core competitiveness, enhancing enterprise production efficiency and product added value, and promoting TSW Series Vibrating Feeder industry in China Towards the global industrial chain within the high-finish climb, from "Produced in China" to "create in China" change. We have to accelerate the implementation from the "heading outInch strategy, encourage outstanding enterprises look around the worldwide market, promote the commercial upgrading from the TSW Series Vibrating Feeder industry and break the bottleneck of development.

Additionally, to enhance the TSW Series Vibrating Feeder supplier policy atmosphere. Through comprehensively deepening the reform and smashing the shackles of institutional mechanisms, the TSW Series Vibrating Feeder suppliers to produce a good policy atmosphere. Particularly, it's important to effectively lessen the burden of taxes and charges on TSW Series Vibrating Feeder suppliers, especially medium and small-sized enterprises, through fiscal and taxation reforms and effectively produce the key role of presidency funds to promote the transformation and upgrading from the TSW Series Vibrating Feeder industry as well as in the introduction of new formats and modes promoting the cost reform of production factors, Standardize the development mechanism of costs of numerous products for example energy and sources, break the monopoly of industries and form an acceptable cost through market competition.

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