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Ore Milling Equipment Industry Demand And Supply Structural Contradictions Prominent

In the other half of 2011, the Ore Milling Equipment industry ended its rapid expansion and rapid growth for 10 consecutive years using the industry in general going lower the downward funnel. The direct reason would be that the domestic Ore Milling Equipment consumer market has gone through significant and sustained changes: around the one hands the entire market demand considerably reduced, however may be the rapid upgrading of demand structure.

"When it comes to fundamental characteristics of the round of market changes, we made our judgment as soon as the finish of 2012, however the loss of total volume and also the pace of structural upgrades exceeded our expectations," stated Chen Hui-ren. Based on the Association of Ore Milling Equipments, total domestic Ore Milling Equipment consumption decreased by 18.6% in 2014 and 13.5% in 2015 from 2014 in comparison to that this year and 2014 correspondingly. "But it should be noticed that the loss of the entire market demand is structural, that's, the decline of low-finish universal product is easily the most prominent." Chen Hui Ren told reporters that in contrast to the height within the first 1 / 2 of 2011, the present ordinary Ore Milling Equipment, major crushing Machine production and purchasers have dropped to 30% or perhaps 20% from the original.

Meanwhile, the interest in Ore Milling Equipments, the "work machine," continues to be upgraded to incorporate automated complete sets, personalization and universal shift upgrades as users start to pursue intelligence and personalization to improve productivity and product quality. "These demands have been in the alternative direction towards the lengthy-term natural benefits of Ore Milling Equipment manufacturing within our country." Chen Hui-ren stated, "What we should do best would be to create low- and mid-range standard general-purpose stand-alone products in large batches, Specific needs to supply a package solution.Using the escalating demand structure upgrade, the contradiction between demand and supply mismatches become more and more prominent. "

Thus, the structural contradictions of low-finish excess and-finish, the rapid upgrading from the domestic market demand structure and Ore Milling Equipment industry can't meet and meet this demand contradiction is just about the primary problem from the healthy growth and development of the Ore Milling Equipment industry constraints, but additionally end up being the industry restructuring Upgrading the urgent have to crack the key issue.

Create Intelligent Ore Milling Equipment Industry

To promote the intelligent procedure for Ore Milling Equipment industry within our country, we ought to base ourselves based on industrial development, the direction of scientific planning and also the road to its implementation. Around the one hands, we ought to lay the leading line and keep the historic possibilities of commercial and technological change. However, we ought to strengthen working out of commercial fundamental abilities and steer clear of the hollow and occasional-finish growth and development of high-finish industries.

To promote the entire process of intelligent Ore Milling Equipment industry, through the adventurous, courage to accept lead within the Ore Milling Equipment supplier to understand more about and check out. The federal government should organize a bundle of support programs to inspire Ore Milling Equipment suppliers to understand more about patterns and innovate their companies. Progressively strengthen the making of broadband infrastructure, enhance the stability and longevity of the communications network, and satisfy the service demands of massive data and network later on smart manufacturing model.

Promote the making of standardization system, encourage Ore Milling Equipment suppliers to have fun playing the formulation of standards, and promote the internationalization of Chinese standards. Simultaneously, it's important to progressively enhance the relevant legislation and make up a favorable and fair competitive atmosphere for Ore Milling Equipment suppliers.

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