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Lime Grinding Mill working principle and technical parameters

There are many series of mills produced by Shanghai Shibang Co., Ltd., and the Lime Grinding Mill belongs to the series of trapezoidal Lime Grinding Mills in the mill. The trapezoidal Lime Grinding Mill is a type of machine that is often used in the current grinding production. It is also the star product of the company. This paper briefly introduces the Lime Grinding Mill from the working principle and technical parameters of the Shibang Lime Grinding Mill.

1, working principle

The Lime Grinding Mill is one of the series of grinding equipment products produced by the company. It is developed on the basis of the general board, so its working principle is similar to that of the conventional trapezoidal mill. The working principle is as follows: the material enters the grinding chamber from the feeding port of the mill, and then is ground into a powder material in the grinding chamber, and the fine powder material is passed through the upper part of the Lime Grinding Mill under the wind driven by the exhaust fan. The machine is then collected by a dust collector to obtain a finished product.

The above is the working principle of the Lime Grinding Mill designed and manufactured by Shibang. To fully understand its working principle, it is also necessary to understand how its grinding chamber works. The grinding material of the grinding machine is mainly realized by the rolling of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The main shaft is mounted on the reducer, the plum blossom frame is mounted on the main shaft, and several grinding rollers (generally four) can be installed on the plum blossom frame. There is a grinding roller sleeve on the grinding roller. The outside of the grinding roller sleeve is a grinding ring, and the material is ground in the gap between the grinding roller sleeve and the grinding ring, and then forms a powder. Through the grinding roller sleeve and the grinding ring, and then falling into the bottom of the equipment by gravity, the bottom is equipped with a blade. The blade is used to throw the material with too large particles into the grinding part and re-grind the grinding part, so as to improve the grinding. The grinding efficiency of the powder machine. When using the Lime Grinding Mill to produce powder, the system is equipped with an exhaust fan. The function of the exhaust fan is to extract the wind in the system at the tail of the system, so that the powder material passes through the powder channel and is then selected by the powder machine. select. Qualified materials can pass through the classifier, and unqualified materials are re-into the grinding chamber and ground until the material is qualified, so that the work continues.

2, technical parameters

There are four models of Lime Grinding Mills, users can choose the right model according to their needs. If the user still has something to know, you can contact our customer service staff, we will be happy to help you!

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