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Method for solving the problem of low dusting efficiency of Hammer Mill

Users engaged in ore milling production sometimes face the difficulty of powder milling machine, and the T130X enhanced Hammer Mill will also have the same problem. This article consulted relevant experts for this problem, in order to get professional failure analysis.


Q: The efficiency of powder extraction has always been a concern for users engaged in milling production. However, some milling opportunities have low powder yield and sometimes no powder, like Hammer Mills. What is the reason?

A: There are many reasons for this phenomenon. First, it may be due to the grinding problem of the grinding chamber of the Hammer Mill. If the grinding efficiency of the grinding chamber becomes lower, the powdering rate will also become lower, which is inevitable. Secondly, it may be due to the problem of blocking material, because in the ore milling production, the grinding equipment has certain requirements on the humidity of the ore material. If the humidity is too large, the powder material will stick together to block the vent; afterwards, it may be Because the system is not tightly sealed, the negative pressure system cannot be formed, resulting in powder materials not coming out.

Q: What faults in the grinding chamber will cause the powder rate to decrease? What needs to be solved?

A: Because the grinding chamber of the Hammer Mill is mainly composed of grinding rollers, grinding rings and blades, when the wear of the above three components is intensified, it is difficult to grind the same materials to the specified conditions. The fineness is increased, and the amount of powder is reduced, so its powder extraction rate is also reduced. The method to solve this kind of failure is very simple. The user only needs to check the wear condition of the grinding chamber component and the stability of the component installation. It is necessary to replace or solve the problem after the wear or looseness is found.

Q: How much humidity control of the material in the Hammer Mill can ensure the smooth operation of the mill production?

A: Under normal circumstances, the material humidity of this machine should be controlled below 6%. When the humidity is too high, the powder material can easily accumulate on the inner wall of the system, blocking the smooth passage of wind and powder, resulting in lower powder yield. Even without powder. To solve this problem, the user should stop and power off, check the inner wall of the system, and smooth the powder material on the inner wall.

Q: The air leakage of the Hammer Mill system will also lead to a decrease in the rate of powder extraction. How can this solution be solved?

Answer: Because the Hammer Mill production system of the Hammer Mill is generally a negative pressure system, that is, the wind and the powder are pumped together by the suction effect of the exhaust fan, and then the powder is collected, and when the system leaks, the negative pressure The pressure in the system will decrease, and the wind and powder will be difficult to be pumped away, so there will be a low or no powder rate. In response to this phenomenon, the user should check the leak hole and repair the leak.

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